Lifestyle in a Senior Care Facility

People around the world are living far longer and for many of them,  getting affordable housing is a significant challenge.

A growing option for seniors (apart from rental units, condominiums and living with their children) is for affordable senior care facilities with a difference. That difference is “age in place” meaning that all forms of physical and mental care are provided in the same facility.

Modu-Life buildings can help solve these problems:

  • 24-hour affordable extended care through the aging process without having to move to another facility as a result of deterioration in a person’s physical or mental health
  • providing seniors with facilities to live with dignity and respect
  • living in happy, safe, healthy and comfortable surroundings in the last year of persons life
  • providing amenities resulting in social interaction for those that want or need them
  • providing the opportunity to own a condominium (now called a “care-a-minium”) where it is purchased by a family (e.g: children for their parents or parents for their children) who can pass down the condo from generation to generation
  • Modu-Life facilities may be able to provide these facilities without government grants or subsidies